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This is very easy way to hack web sites there are much sites available for hack them,,,
Very easy for Newbies, many peoples want to start learn Hacking, but some peoples only want to hack web sites,
they should start from this,, this is easy way,
Every one can enjoy so lets start the tutorial

In IIS Exploit we can upload the Defaced page on the Vulnerable Server without any Login. It is most Easiest  way to Hack any site.
STEP 1: Click on Start button and open “RUN”.

STEP 2: Now Type  this in RUN
%WINDIR%\EXPLORER.EXE ,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}\::{BDEADF00-C265-11d0-BCED-00A0C90AB50F}
 Now A Folder named “Web Folders” will open.
STEP 3: Now “Right-Click” in the folder and Goto “New” and then “Web Folder“.

STEP 4: Now type the name of the Vulnerable site in this. e.g.”” and click “Next“.

STEP 5: Now Click on “Finish

STEP 6: Now the folder will appear. You can open it and put any deface page or anything.

STEP 7: I put  text file in that folder. Named “securityalert.txt” (you can put a shell or HTML file also). If the file appear in the folder then the Hack is successful but if it don’t then the site is not Vulnerable.

Now to view the uploaded site i will go to “”
In your case it will be ” www.[sitename].com/[file name that you uploaded] “
Some IIs Valn Sites :

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