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Create Date Based Folder Names

If you create files on regular basis then it is good to arrange them in date based format. That will make your data well organized. For example, if you shoot photos regularly, then it will be a good idea to archive them in a folder and manually renaming the folder with the current date.

But it will be much easier for you if you can add a shortcut to context menu to create date based folder, so that you don't have to rename them manually.

Here are the steps by which you can add a "Create Date Based Folder" Shortcut to folder context menu:

First choose your Date Format:

1. Open Control Panel and double-click Regional and Language Options.

2. Open Regional and Language dialog box.

3. Click the Customize button on the Regional Options tab.

4. Select the Date tab.

5. Choose your Short Date Format type from Drop down menu. You can manually write your option in Short Date Format combo box (In my case it is "dd-MM-yyyy").

6. In Date Separator, select dash (-), because Windows does not support slash (/) in folder name.

7. Click Apply and OK twice.

Now create special command in the folder context menu:

1. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer.

2. Select Tools | Folder Options.

3. In the Folder Options dialog box, select File Types tab.

4. In the Registered File Types list, select Folder, and click the “Advanced" button.

5. In the Edit File Type dialog box, click the “New" button.

6. In the New Action dialog box, type New Date-Based Folder in the Action text box.

7. In the Application Used To Perform Action text box type the following code:

CMD.EXE /C MD "%1\%%DATE%%"
8. Click OK twice. Click Close to close the three dialog boxes.

Now whenever you want to create Date Base Folder just right click on the folder and choose New Date Based Folder from context menu. A new folder with the current date will be created automatically inside the folder.

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