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FileSonic.com, fast and easy file storage.

Make money with Premium FileSonic - register here
FileSonic is a perfect way to make money with uploading file and get
money over each download. But it's so hard to get it because a lot of
people on internet are using it right now. But you can increase your
earning with FileSonic easily with few easy tips.

Account type Earnings Table

35$ = 1000 Downloads

Earn money while uploading and sharing your files with your friends.
Our affiliate program is open for every registered member in our site.
We have a flexible rate for each of your files:

I can provide
guidance and I will help you to achive at least $2 per day (that's
minimum, probably will be higher about $5-$10 or even more)

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And There Are 5 Tips To Maximum Your Earning With Filesonic:

1/ What Kind Of Files? You should visit big forums to see which is hot
today. And then download or remote upload them to your FileSonic account,
you coud get thousand of downloads.
2/ What Size Of Files? Not so
big and not too small. Only files larger than 5 MB are counted and give
money. And only complete download is counted
3/ When? Don't post in night, try to find which time is the best of one forum and post at. 5 PM ~ 9 PM is the best.

4/ Where? Post to big forum as warez-bb, freshwap ,
tehparadox ,darelease,dayn.org,downarchive, Latestpirate, or portal as
dl4all, tinydl etc.
5/ HOW? The best and the fastest way is use manaul post.

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Your Account should be premium so you can earn like me.

Use this link for make FSO Premium -->
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Just follow my steps

Now Check my earning in Filesonic :-

$10 Pay-Per-Sale + 20% Referral! Maximum earnings, all the time with FileSonic.com!
Dont forget to make your premium account with my given link.

Here is the Link :-

Note: Once u make your account then dont forget to go in Setting option and Select your plan there
If u good in Downloads and select Pay per Download or if u sell premium accounts then select Pay per Sale 10$ Fixed

$10 Pay-Per-Sale + 20% Referral! Maximum earnings, all the time with FileSonic.com!

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