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This is going to be my first tutorial, I searched for "windows start up" and I didn't find anything related to this so I decided to make a new post for it. sorry if this is already posted somewhere I honestly didn't know.

Okay so basically what this will do is utilize every piece of memory and cpu cores when windows boots thus making your start up faster.
First what you need to do is hold down the windows key and press "R" and type "msconfig" without the quotes.
windows key looks like this on your keyboard

After you open "msconfig" you will need to click the "Boot.ini" tab
After that change "Timeout" to something lower, I use 5 seconds. Once you have that changed click "Advanced Options"
Once your in Advanced Options make sure the first two boxes are checked and make sure they are set to the max amount of RAM you have
and max amount of CPU cores you have.
After you have done the above switch to the "Start up" Tab and un-check any programs you don't absolutely need upon start up.
For example, any type of messenger, any type of toolbar, limewire (if you have it) basically any program that doesn't affect the stability of your operating system.

After you have done all of this you will need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

If anybody sees anything I did wrong or if I forgot something please point them out so I can fix them as fast as possible.

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